The ARC-5 Pages.

This page lists links to various files concerning the AN/ARC-5 and SCR-274N series of receivers and transmitters.

1) A PDF of David Stinson's article on how to get the "ARC-5" transmitters to operate as they were designed to be. MUST reading for anyone contemplating using the ARC-5 transmitters.

2) A PDF of a compilation of some e-mails exchanged with David Stinson on the ARC-5 transmitters. This PDF contains some information NOT contained in the previous article.

3) An article entitled "Command Set Receivers for All Frequencies" in PDF format.

4) The "ARC-5 Receiver Mixer-Mod" for much lower noise, also in PDF format.

5) "The Command Set Roundup" in PDF format.

6) The complete AN/ARC-5 Military manual in PDF format.

7) "Command Sets", in PDF format.

8) "K3MXO’s Guide to ARC Sets", in PDF format.

9) Restuffing ARC-5 can-caps or "flower-pots"

10) Two Product Detectors in PDF format for the Command Set receivers.